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A giant wrench in the social machine.

Through the past year we've been through battles of social injustice, abortion banning, continuous proof of climate change, transgender rights, voter rights and all around corruption that is bubbling to the surface.

Reacently I found myself in a deep discussion with my dad about lgbtq rights (which the man fully supports) not just because he has a gay daughter "me", but he believes people should live freely.

"it feels like total strangers are discussing me and my personal life without my permission or acknowledgment" I said. Him being an analytical man he is...assured me that the scales will tip back to normal, just like they do on the regular (i'm paraphrasing, he sounded much more businessey and confident) . Though I soothed me for a second, I still wonder what life would be like with more emphasis on compassion and less on ego and corrupt capitalism trying to devide us into groups to better regulate.

I apologize for being away so has gotten better but the process felt like I was working in a busted machine.

I wonder what would happen if we did something crazy like sit at a table full of strangers and made friends again.....this isn't high school you don't have to fit in to servive anymore.

I don't know about you but i think now is the time to reconnect more then ever! No discrimination, no gender bias, no agenda, no limit to what a friend is supposed to be or look like!!



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