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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Ego is a funny thing, we think it just comes in the form of vanity, greed, lust, anger…

Sometimes ego is sneaky and creates a persona of people before we even get to know how amazing they are.

It can ruin the most beautiful relationships and friendships before they even get the chance to bloom. It fools us Into thinking our mind knows better than our heart. It can create biases that separate us and make us pass judgment on people we never took the time to know. You lose countless good people being so nitpicky that could have otherwise changed your life If you simply let your walls down. If we do this we might find that not everyone is as bad as we think and sometimes people can surprise you with how much they care.

The Bench By The Beach In South Carolina

In early June I went with my grandmother on vacation and I made a friend while I was crying on a bench along the boardwalk. My friend looked very tired and torn up while walking toward the bench I was sulking on. He was very polite and asked If he could take a seat on the far side of the bench, I said yes of course. He asked me why I was sad and I explained how alone I feel, oblivious to the fact that things could be so much worse. He was kind and polite paying attention while listing to my story, after going to get a snack for the both of us I let him tell me about his life up to this point. To say my friend had been through a lot was an understatement, from his upbringing to the loss of his brother, and his home I was shocked the world hadn't turned him cold. He taught me not to give up hope and to be my most authentic self regardless of what others may think.

I don't know where my friend is now but I am so grateful to have met him.

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