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Flowers and Hand


 "Life as Written"


Hi! "I'm Haley"

 "Life as written" is an ongoing blog about life lessons, and personal growth in hopes "you" the reader can relate. Here you will find not just a blog, but references and skills for your own healing journey!!

Image by Dave Hoefler

Woman-Owned Small Business

I have always loved supporting small businesses, and admier woman who choose to make a difference not only in their personal lives but also inspier others to do the same. Each of these lovely ladies has helped me in my healing  journey in one form or another, and I am truly grateful.


Cyndee Werner,  Owner of "Boudior Defined" has helped me and so meany other woman heal, embrace their inner most confidence, and  express their sensuality. She connects with each client on a deeper level by listing to their story and creating a comfortable space for a woman wanting to express their most authentic self.

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Good Karma LLC 

Good Karma LLC, is  Owned by "Dawn Warin" and currently found only on Facebook. This amazing woman is not just my mother, she is an artiest, an entrepreneur, and an inspiration. She spends time putting her hart and soul into beautiful resin art sharing it both online and in person creating connections with kindness and an open heart. Each peace is unique not only in her personnel collection, but also for customers who want something custom made. She inspires me to not just express myself, but have the courage to share my creativity with the world.


The Guilded lily/ Blackbird Studieos 

Bridget Oleson, Owner of the Gilded lily / Blackbird studios, is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. If I could describe her id say she reminds me of a sunflower, very bright, free-spirited, and so welcoming . Starting out as a student studying fine art at BSU, Bridget was a little bit of everything...a certified mediator, a mom, and a business owner.  Her favorite thing about her business is meeting new people and having the freedom to create something different  to add to her store regularly. During our interview she taught me to have faith in myself and not let fear keep me from moving forward. Even if your not into the metaphysical, i still encourage you to visit the Gilded Lily simply to meet this amazing  woman.

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